This is not a complete list of all possible rules and/or violations that may happen, so to insure a healthy, happy, drug and a free environment please do your part to use common sense when it comes to either doing or not doing something that may affect others, or your continued stay.

Finally staff will not take the role of cop, lawyer, or investigator. This means discharges will occur without investigation of who did what, what was said, who is, or who is not at fault.
House Rules:

Cause for Immediate Discharge

Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs (See Policy).

Possession of alcohol or drugs (See Policy).

Failure to submit urine, hair, or saliva for analysis at staff direction (See Policy).

Possession of any weapon.

Violence or threats of violence, on or off property.

Destruction of Gratitude Homes property, the property of peers, or your own property including making unauthorized alterations to the Home.

Misrepresentation of information contained is your intake paperwork, assessment, financial arrangements or other documents used to make decisions regarding your admission or continued stay.

Criminal activity on or off property.

Failure to comply with staff direction, behavior disruptive to the Home, and violation of the Good Neighbor policy, may result in immediate discharge.

The following rules ensure smooth, safe operation of the program and form a structure for your participation in the community:

Participate in a minimum of five (5) recovery oriented activities a week consistent with your chosen pathway. For example if your chosen path is 12 Step based attend five meetings, meetings are critical, as is a home group and sponsor.

Attend house meetings one (1) time per week. Every effort will be made to accommodate work schedules, however it is your responsibility to attend.

Rent/Fees must be maintained current or a documented plan in place.Verbal communication with staff regarding finances is important, but documentation is required.

While a resident of Gratitude Homes you will maintain a Recovery Plan, developed with staff, throughout your participation. The plans are individualized for you and based on your chosen pathway.

Attend all scheduled appointments with the staff identified on your Recovery Plan at the moment.

Maintain full-time employment or other regular gainful or meaningful activities that serve as your contribution to the greater community. Employment must be consistent with your Recovery Plan and certain employment may not be approved based on your individual circumstance.

Your room is to be maintained clean and orderly at all times. Clothes stored appropriately and beds made.

No food, dishes, glasses, utensils in bedroom. No eating in rooms. Sinks are to clean and free of dirty dishes. Clean up immediately after cooking.

You will rotate through assigned responsibilities to maintain the common areas of the house. (chores)

No smoking in the Home and smoking areas are to be maintained clean. Smoking activities should not violate the Good Neighbor policy.

Any medical condition, injury, emergency must be communicated to staff timely.

The above rules are not intended to be all inclusive Please see the Program Administrator if you believe any of the above are not reasonable or necessary!